Alliance to Reduce Disparities in Diabetes

Chicago Site Leader at IHA

ARDD Chicago Site Leader to Present Poster at IHA on Diabetes Patient Empowerment Strategies

Program Demonstrates That Combining Tailored Education With Shared Decision-Making May Be Promising Strategy for Helping Low-Income, Low-Literacy African-Americans Better Manage Diabetes

As part of the Alliance's Chicago's program, "Improving Diabetes Care and Outcomes on the South Side of Chicago," the site leaders have teamed up with local community health centers and community partners to empower patients to manage their diabetes. The program is using evidence-based and culturally tailored models of diabetes education and patient empowerment. The intervention, the Diabetes Empowerment Program, addresses two well-known barriers facing racial/ethnic populations and those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds: limited health literacy and lack of cultural tailoring of programs.

The patient empowerment intervention consists of a 10-session program co-taught by nurses, diabetes educators and dieticians, all of whom have extensive experience working with African-American patients with diabetes. The sessions focus on health literacy, shared decision-making and patient/provider communication. As a result, program participants showed improvements in diabetes self-management skills, as well as improvement in clinical measures such as diabetes control, diastolic blood pressure and HDL cholesterol.

Read the IHA abstract submission for more information on the Diabetes Empowerment Program.